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Welcome to NutriFlo IV Lounge

Sometimes an extra pick-me-up can go a long way to feel refreshed and energized, especially when you’re striving to take good care of your body. While you can take supplements and vitamins, one of the best ways to ensure 100% absorption of vitamins and nutrients and maximum effect is IV hydration therapy.

That’s where NutriFlo IV Lounge, Coral Springs and Parkland, Florida’s premier IV hydration experience, comes in. We’re the only medical spa in the area specializing in IV vitamin infusions and vitamin injections.

The Benefits of Visiting NutriFlo IV Lounge

Here’s just some of the benefits you can expect to receive at NutriFlo IV Lounge:

  • Healing IV vitamin therapy that helps your body and mind reach peak performance.
  • High-quality Botox and dermal fillers so you can leave our facility feeling confident and beautiful.
  • Restorative Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments to restore your skin and hair to its original beauty.

PLUS, our infusion treatments are known for improving the quality of our clients’ lives by rejuvenating their bodies and refueling their minds to reach peak performance. And we’re thrilled to do the same for you.

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Meet the Medical Mind Behind NutriFlo IV Lounge

By the way, I’m Carla Joseph, a board-certified nurse practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

The bottom line is that when your body has the ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients for optimal function, you’ll feel better from the inside out, leaving you sick less frequently and enjoying the mental clarity you need to thrive.

Ready to recharge, rejuvenate and rehydrate your mind and body? Meet us at the NutriFlo Lounge, where we have trusted board-certified medical providers on hand to perform all services. Our unmatched spa-like experience is everything you’ve ever imagined and so much more.

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